Webinar with Malu Sciamarelli: Using poetry in the English language classroom… Why not?


The fifth of November is a firework-lit night in Britain every year, but this year we BrELTers are celebrating it with an enlightening webinar. If you haven’t considered using poetry in the English language classroom or wants to but doesn’t know how, come see Malu Sciamarelli on 5 November at 10 p.m. Brasilia time (UTC-2).

Malu will argue that the use of poetry in the English language classroom can provide an effective and collaborative means of language learning. In the webinar she will show some examples of picture poems, pattern poems and haiku, among others, showing that they are good ways of making English a means of personal expression, creativity and development, serving to reduce affective barriers in a nonthreatening learning environment.

Malu Sciamarelli has been working in the field of English Language Education in Brazil for over 20 years in many roles including teacher, teacher trainer, materials designer, Cambridge English freelance speaker and consultant. She is also an associate member of the Asian Teacher-Writer Group (
http://flexiblelearning.auckland.ac.nz/cw/) and a committee member of The C Group – Creativity for Change in Language Education (http://thecreativitygroup.weebly.com/) . She has published articles in several ELT journals, and her latest publication is a chapter in the British Council book ‘Creativity in the English language classroom.’ Currently, her main interests are Literature, Extensive Reading, Creative Writing, and Creativity in the English Language Classroom.

Website: www.malusciamarelli.weebly.com

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