Starting now- EFL Talks answer: The Flipped Camera

Join Rob Howard now talking about EFLtalks, a global PLN offering webinars with shorter content, live or On Demand, in a free, fun and lively experience. EFLtalks presents their 10 in 10 series of web events. 10 minutes, 10 slides, live and archived videos that get to the point. Top global experts in one place. 

Google Hangout (few spots left!):

Via YouTube: (When logged in, you will be able to make comments and ask questions!)


Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center, a live online course for C1/C2 level students. He is a teacher, tutor, trainer, blogger and writer for ESL/EFL. He is also a consultant and has been a frequent speaker internationally regarding online retention as well as using technology in and out of the classroom. He is also the founder of EFLtalks utilizing social media to build a worldwide PLN for new and future teachers.

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