BrELT presents… free language development for teachers



You asked for it. You demanded it. And here it is: BrELT has started a free English language development project for Brazilian teachers of English.

The project consists mainly of WhatsApp groups of teachers practicing the language and learning from one another. So if you believe that there is room for improvement in your English language proficiency and that other teachers can be a great resource, please join us! Read the guidelines, fill in the application form, and you will soon be welcomed by Eduardo Zito, the head of BrELT’s Language Development SIG, or BrELT LD SIG, for short.


*We know: for teacher associations such as IATEFL and Braz-TESOL, SIG = Special Interest Group. And there are great SIGs in those associations. Our SIG is a little different, though, it is a Support and Improvement Group. More than a shared interest, it is about support: we find teachers sometimes can be so insecure about their English that they try to hide it, keeping their questions to themselves and avoiding speaking the language near others. Our plan is to act together so we can all overcome that insecurity and give the next step: improving our language proficiency continuously. May that be the beginning of a positive learning circle: we feel confident enough to speak and ask questions, then we learn more, and because we know more, we are more confident to speak and ask more questions. How does that sound?

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