BrELT Interview session with Juan Uribe


Hello BrELTers,


This month we are thrilled to annouce our  1st BrELT interview session -2016  with one of our fellows.

Juan Uribe is a teacher and a teacher educator who has researched, taught, and shared affective language learning since 1994. He is the founding director of Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo, a language school for young learners, where children learn English affectively through play, games, storytelling, and puppeteering.

His focus is on empowering language teachers to create rich learning environments in which young learners are truly engaged, motivated, and energized. Juan has been in an amazing journey visiting language schools for children around the world where he has both conducted teacher development programs as well as enchanted young audiences with Buddy the Frog.

So, check out his interview below:




Brelt Juan


Bio: Juan holds a Bachelors degree in Education from the Catholic University in São Paulo (PUC-SP) and a Masters in Education in Human Development and Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto. He writes a blog called Children Learning English Affectively and  BrELT member.


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