Interview with Renata Gardiano about teaching seniors

From one extreme to the other… BrELT has recently interviewed Juan Uribe about teaching Young Learners. Now what about senior citizens? Have you ever considered teaching students who were 50+? What are the characteristics of that age group and how can we be better teachers for them?



A Tea Time classroom

BrELTer Renata Gardiano owns an adorably named language school — Tea Time — in Curitiba which caters exclusively for that age range. In this interview to our moderator Priscila Mateini, she tells us how she got started and what she has learned from so much life experience in the room!

Renata, thank you for a lovely interview! 🙂


Here’s a bit more about Renata: She has majored in Business Administration  from Parana Federal University, but has been working with English, her true calling, for over 20 years. Originally from São Paulo, she is now a resident of Curitiba, where she founded Tea Time. If you wish to learn more about her school, please check out their website or Facebook page.

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