Top 15 reasons to go to the 15th Braz-TESOL International Conference


1. It is an international conference in Brazil about ELT only. How often do you have an international ELT conference that close to you? (Answer: every 2 years only, so seize the chance!)

2. The BrELT/BT TD SIG panel, of course, which will bring teacher developers from different walks of life to discuss teacher development in Brazil and will allot plenty of time for Q&A and debate. It is effectively going to be our first face-to-face BrELT Chat. Now who wants to be left out of THAT?BRELT%2FTD SIG PANEL names.jpg


3. The awesome plenaries and talks from big names and great teachers you’re yet to meet. Just a taste of the invited speakers: Jeremy Harmer, Luiz Otávio Barros, Denise Abreu e Lima, Ben Goldstein, Gustavo Gonzalez, Ron Martinez, Yilin Sun, Candy Palma, and Jeff Khun. (You can see the whole list and learn more about them here.)



4. The opportunity to learn what’s going on in the ELT world in the talks and in the publishing house stands. Is there a question bothering you or a topic you’d like to hear about, such as student motivation or educational games? There is bound to be someone talking about it there in those 4 days. Do you need new materials to use in class or study? Check out the stands during the breaks and the references suggested by the speakers.

5. The chance to meet at last people you only see on BrELT. Believe me, they come in 3D, too. And they are so unbelievably friendly! (BTW, the panel is also a photo op for BrELTers! Don’t miss out!)

6. Speaking of which, you’ll be hard pressed to find better networking opportunities with the Brazilian ELT community. Build stronger bonds with your personal learning network and that can lead to more learning and even job opportunities. Nothing to sneeze at, huh?
(Not to mention the fun we have in the after-hours socializing…)

7. If you haven’t been to Brasilia, the chance to see in person those buildings you have seen on TV your whole life, such as the Congress, the 3 Powers Plaza, the Cathedral of Brasilia… (I actually welled up the first time. Got butterflies in my stomach and the back of mind sang “Aqui é o meu país…” Cheesy, I know, but true.)

8. There is a reason Brasilia is where it is: no matter where you live in Brazil, getting there is very convenient and not that expensive. (And if you live in Goiania or Brasilia and don’t go, honestly, I don’t know what we can do with you…)

9. “Não há, ó, gente, ó não, luar como este do sertão.” Luar pode ser, mas os brasilienses falam — com razão — que o sol mais lindo do Brasil é o de lá, você vai ver.

10. If you do #rovingBrELT, you can get a free BrELT badge! 😀

13322077_10154921510834867_5901777637406335383_n (1)



11. Braz-TESOL is turning 30 this year. You can be part of the celebration!

12. The chance to start thinking of your own presentation, because you’ll surely see you’re able to participate next time as a speaker!

13. It’s during the mid-year break for many teachers. If that’s not your case, don’t worry, the bulk of the presentations will be on Friday and the weekend.

14. It’s good ol’ continuing professional development

15. If not now, then only in 2018. And what better time than the present?

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