BrELT/TD SIG Panel in the Braz-TESOL Conference

If you are coming to the 15th Braz-TESOL Conference in Brasilia next week, don’t forget there is going to be a BrELT/BT TD-SIG Panel about Teacher Development, named “Teacher Development in Brazil: Challenges & Achievements“, on Friday, July 15, from 3.50 to 5.20 pm, in Room #13.

We will dedicate those 90 minutes to discussing the initiatives and difficulties of teacher development in Brazil in different contexts. First, the BrELT Team will talk about our community, of course, and its efforts to bring free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) closer to English Language Teachers in Brazil. Then, Andreia Fernandes, from Rio de Janeiro, will dispel myths (or maybe confirm some suspicions? We shall see!) about teacher development in state/public schools. She will be followed by the Pernambucana Roseli Serra, who will introduce us to the booming market of bilingual schooBRELT_TD SIG PANEL names-1.pngls and the teacher development issues it raises. Last but not least, the Paulista Bruna Caltabiano, who is both a teacher and a manager/owner, will focus on the reality of CPD in private language institutes. Finally, there will be plenty of time for questions and debate, effectively turning the panel into our first face-to-face BrELT Chat ever. Unmissable! 

The panel will be moderated by Edmilson Chagas, treasurer of the Braz-TESOL Teacher Development SIG, consolidating a cherished partnership between BrELT and Brazil’s largest ELT association. 

After the panel, don’t leave in a hurry: this is a rare opportunity to take a photo with your fellow BrELTers!

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