BrELT Queer Day – Schedule & How to Participate

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: BrELT Queer Day!

Here’s the schedule of today’s event, followed by instructions on how to participate.

BrELT Queer Day Schedule

August 28, 2016

13:30 Opening

13:40 Thorsten Merse – “A dialogue on LGBT Issues in ELT: General Considerations and Practical Implications” 14054323_1673496432971630_7900660633667518420_o.jpg

14:40 Five-minute break.

14:45 Sérgio Viula – “My Teacher is an LGBT activist”

15:15 Luciana Lins Rocha – “Queerizando a Sala de Aula de Línguas na Escola Pública em Tempos de Conservadorismo”

15:40 Round table with Sérgio Viula and Luciana Lins Rocha.



15:55 Fifteen minute-break.

16:10 Isadora Bernandes and Elton Medeiros – “Giving voice to the voiceless LGBT students”


16:55 Closing.

N.B.: The schedule is on Brasilia time, UTC-3.


How to participate:

The easiest way to participate is to watch the talks on our YouTube Channel: You can do that even if you’re not logged in, but you’ll only able to interact with other participants via chat if you’re logged in as a YouTube or Google user. That’s how you’ll be able to ask questions to the presenters as well, because BrELT moderators will bring questions from YouTube participants to the speakers.

The speakers will be presenting from a Google Hangout platform, whose link will be made available a few minutes prior to each talk on our community and event page. You can join us on Hangout, too, but bear in mind that Google only allows 10 places there.

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