BrELT on The Road was a success


It goes without saying that our first face-to-face event would be memorable to us. What we didn’t know is that it would be such a loyal display of what this community means in its deepest roots: a perfect blend of commitment, hard work, passion and generosity.
We witnessed the materialization of the sharing & caring atmosphere we created together at BrELT right before us. We listened to renowned figures in our field exactly the same way as we did with first-time presenters – and what a blast!
For those who didn’t get the chance to be there with us, we decided to keep the inspiration going and summarize it to you.
It all started with Bruno Andrade, one of our founding members and moderators, talking about us, of course, in style. He explained how BrELT was created and presented his master’s dissertation about how online communities foster CPD (Continuous Professional Development).
Our first morning plenary was led by Jamie Keddie, who showed us how videotelling can be much more exciting, engaging, and productive.
The following step was the first round of concurrent talks, and then workshops about various topics.
We would also like to highlight the very first two face-to-face BrELT chats: one about teaching grammar meaningfully, moderated by Natalia Guerreiro, former moderator and friend, and the other on how to overcome stage fright, moderated by Elizabeth Mattei. It was an honor to have so many insightful participations.
To finish our morning of sharing, Cecilia Lemos amazed us with her plenary entitled ‘Teaching understanding to understand teaching’. She shared the importance of our social role in the classroom and the difference between knowledge and understanding.
The afternoon was just as inspiring and it began with one more round of workshops followed by more concurrent talks. We wrapped up with the one and only Valeria França, who is also a founding member and a past moderator, discussing questions posed by BrELTers about the future of ELT. Among the topics were bilingualism, robots and online classes, as well as the new resolutions made by the Brazilian government about the teaching of English in public schools.
For those who have been there in Gávea with us, a huge thanks. Everything was done by teachers for teachers. Without you none of this would have happened. For those who haven’t, we hope to see you soon. You can get more details about the talks, workshops, and show&tells by staying tunned to the upcoming posts. For now, we have:

* Cecilia Nobre & Priscila Bordon on how to get scholarships abroad;
* Ricardo Barros and truths and myths about the CELTA;
* André Hedlund’s experience: parts 1 and 2;
* Stephan Hughes’ experience.
Many thanks to our sponsors, who have made our dream event come true:

And our supporters:


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 19.53.27
Last, but certainly not least, Escola Nova Gávea. We are thankful not only for the incredible venue, but also for the staff that worked hard to make our day happen. You were awesome!
Finally, many thanks to all presenters, whose empathy, relevance and expertise were impeccable, but specially to those who did it (so brilliantly) for the first time. It’s wonderful to see our community thrive.

All in all, we can say it was a pleasure to have spent a lovely day with these marvellous professionals and we are already looking forward to planning the next event. Mind you that we are now on the road, so… Where are we going next?

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