#rovingBrELT : Oxford TEFL and Active English

If you missed out on any of the talks and plenaries, just do a search for #rovingbrelt #breltontheroad and you will find lots of wonderful roves from our fabulous roving reporters!

We also ran a competition during the event and here are the winners.


Oxford TEFL and Active English are delighted to announce that Vinícius Tavares is the winner of a free Online Teacher Development Course valued at R$1125.  He can choose from:

  • Teaching Business English with Juilo Vieitas
  • Teaching Pronunciation with Nicola Meldrum
  • Teaching IETLS with Sergio Pantoja
  • Teaching Young Learners with Claire Venables


When you take one of these courses, you know you are not only working with a qualified, expert tutor but also taking a course which is of international standard.   The course aims to develop the knowledge and practical skills which are required to teach effectively.  


The entire BrELT community is also invited to join the Oxford TEFL Teacher Development Webinar Series for FREE.  Subscribe to secure your place, click here.

More info about the webinars here.

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