A message from the moderators

2017 is a year we BrELTers will always remember. Our community had many achievements and we have successfully promoted, once again, top-notch teacher development for teachers in Brazil.

We started the year with 11k members in our Facebook group and as we approach the end of the year, almost 17k people are part of our growing and thriving community.

During the year of 2017, we had, coincidentally, 17 BrELT Chats, numerous #rovingBrELT posts, events, sharing and caring.

We also had online events. Taking place via YouTube, teachers have the opportunity to revisit the content as much and as often they want.

In January, we had 8 amazing talks from great teacher-training professionals talking about different ways to get certified. Getting Certified in 2017 covered a variety of possibilities, from the Cambridge certificates and diplomas to the academia and a range of degrees. This event has been viewed more than 4.400 times.

We had our sixth anniversary and many teachers sent us videos giving their testimonials about how the community has impacted their lives. We showed the world our accent is beautiful and we will continue to fight native speakerism.

BrELT, represented by our moderator Bruno Andrade, went to the Latin American Conference for Teachers-research in ELT in Argentina and talked about his Master’s research in which he analyzed teachers’ perceptions of BrELT and its impact on their professional lives. Bruno interviewed Fernanda Gonçalves, Viviana Miglino and Yanilis Romero.

On December 10th, Human Rights Days, BrELT had our Second BrELT Queer Day. The great Scott Thornbury kindly accepted our invitation to be our plenary speaker. Our nine talks and our Live BrELT Chat have been viewed more than 800 times.

On September 9th a dream came true and we had our first face-to-face event: BrELT on The Road – The Rio Edition. Our moderator Bruno Andrade started the day with his Master’s dissertation about BrELT and continuing professional development. We had amazing plenaries with Jamie Keddie, Cecília Lemos and Valeria França. Our innovative mentoring program made sure our first-time speakers felt confident to deliver their talks. With 32 sessions that included talks, workshops and show&tells, 2 BrELT chats, we had a blend of experienced and novice speakers, all passionate about sharing knowledge.

It sounds like a cliché, but none of this would have been possible without of you, the teacher who’s reading this. Everything we do is for you, because of you. We hope you have a great holiday season. may

With much love,

Barbara Furtado, Bruno Andrade, Eduardo de Freitas, Fernanda Machado, Priscila Bordon and Thiago Veigga.


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