Pronunciation Week / Feb 26-March 04


There are several things that we teachers of English have to include into our very limited class time: debates, listening tasks, writing practice, reading comprehension, vocabulary and more. Pronunciation often gets neglected since perhaps there is not enough time to do it or because it is perceived – by teachers and students – to be difficult.

However, we can all agree that although our students’ grammar and vocabulary are strong, if their pronunciation isn’t easily comprehensible, communication is likely to fail. If you feel you need to brush up on your teaching pronunciation skills, you will certainly profit from attending this event.

About the event:
A whole week of presentations devoted to improve teachers’ ability to teach, assess and analyze pronunciation.

The event starts on Feb 26 and ends on March 04 and can be accessed via YouTube (links will be sent to our event page soon).

Every day a teacher will deliver a talk on a different time. Stay tuned for more info.

Confirmed speakers:

Adrian Underhill, Catarina Pontes, Claire Venables, Gemma Archer, Higor Cavalcante, Mark Hancock, Thiago Veigga.

*** Confirm attendance here

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