BrELT CoLAB: We need to talk about Marielle Franco by Bruno Andrade



The symbolic execution of Brazilian city councillor and minority activist Marielle Franco has motivated Bruno Andrade to write a conversation lesson about violence, racism and prejudice.


Aim: Provide B2/C1 students opportunities to discuss issues like violence, the inherited prejudice against colored and LGBTQIA people and politics in Brazil.

Duration: approx. 45m

Click here to access the lesson plan. The rubrics are below each slide.


Bruno Andrade is the founding member of BrELT and a professor at the Federal

22089111_10154734961011577_7520494598844727548_n (1)

University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil. He is also a primary and secondary English teacher at two private schools in Rio. He is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Young Learners and Teens Special Interest Group at IATEFL (The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from UFRJ and has experience in teacher training, course creation, materials editing, organizing events and educational consultancy.

You can contact Bruno at

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