Calendar of ELT Events, July 2018.

calendar ofELT events (2)

Many teachers look forward the month of July.  While some plan to have some time to rest and relaxe others believe in taking advantage of few days off to learn, share and feel energized for the semester to come.

Check this month’s BrELT Calendar of ELT Events if your looking for professional development that you can include in your schedule without having to give up your precious days off and have fun!

We have a very special invitation to make:

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The BrELT Team will be presenting the following talks and workshops at the Braz-Tesol International Conference in Caxias do Sul.

Make sure you say hello to us!

Bruno Andrade (mini-course Young Learners and Teens SIG – Saturday)

Age Appropriate Pedagogy in Primary English Language Teaching

The first workshop in the Primary ELT mini course strand aims to raise awareness and foster genuinely, age-relevant pedagogical approaches for teaching English to primary children. This action packed session will be based around syllabus design which is fully congruent with primary learners’ life stages. It will also include age appropriate ways to develop learning to learn and life skills as a core part of primary English language lessons.

Creative Approaches to Learning in Primary English Language Teaching

This workshop will enable delegates to further explore the dimensions involved in primary English language teaching, whilst showcasing fresh and creative approaches. These include ways to exploit materials and practical techniques to promote discovery and curiosity among children. The focus throughout will be application to attendees’ own teaching and learning contexts, as well as plenty of takeaway ideas for the primary English language classroom.

Eduardo de Freitas (talk – Sunday 14:15):

Teaching writing: the unicorn skill.

Writing is definitely the skill we care about the least when we prepare our syllabus or plan our lessons. In this talk, I will discuss the importance of teaching writing in a meaningful way and how we can motivate our learners to write and achieve fluency in this skill. Also, I intend to give practical ideas to start working on writing asap!

Thiago Veigga (talk – Friday 15:30):

Pronunciation and teacher development: are we missing something?

Teachers often do not feel confident about pronunciation in general. The aim of this talk is to reflect on the importance of pronunciation instruction for teachers, discussing how phonology is dealt with in teacher development programs and how to improve as a teacher. We will look at English as a Lingua Franca and the way this notion may impact the teaching of pronunciation and its implications. Lastly, we will analyze the validity of some tips to improve pronunciation.


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