Raffle: Wired Sounds, a course by Troika

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Two teachers will be able to attend a Troika signature course in São Paulo!

Fill in this form for a chance to win a ticket to Wired Sounds, a mini-immersion course.

To be eligible for the prize you have to:

  • be free in São Paulo on the days of the event;
  • agree to write a blog post for BrELT about the course.

Results: July 25th, 9pm.


wired sounds


More info about Wired Sounds

In this mini-immersion, we will look at how pronunciation teaching has changed over time, which activities can be more beneficial to learners in today’s context, and how technology can enhance this learning experience, taking into account current trends, challenges and issues. Using practical examples and ideas, participants will have the opportunity to better understand how pronunciation and technology can be successfully integrated in their practice in order to help learners become more autonomous and more effective communicators.

Tutors: Catarina Pontes and Paulo Dantas

Further Information:
– 12-hour course
– Certificate for the completion of the course
– Networking time over coffee at the end of the day
– Raffle for a book and 50% scholarship in the next Troika’s Signature Event
– Full access to the articles and resources used during the course


Friday 27th from 9am to 5pm

Saturday 28th from 9am to 1pm

*20% discount to BRAZ-TESOL members in good standing
(If you are a current BRAZ-TESOL member, use the promocional code BRAZ-TESOLMEMBER when enrolling)
**20% discount for public school teachers
(If you are a public school teacher, use the promocional code PUBLICSCHOOL when enrolling)
Important: You will be asked for your BRAZ-TESOL membership number or your public school badge on the day of the event.

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