BrELT on The Road was great

On September 7th we had the second edition of our annual event, BrELT on The Road. An event that is possible because our thriving community longs for some face-to-face interaction. As much as we love and promise we will never leave the online space, a face-to-face event is the time we all gather to learn, develop, network and socialize. It’s when we finally have the chance to hug those who teach and learn from us.

In a cold morning, at least for three Carioca moderators — but clearly not for the Paulista one, we started the day with Bruno Andrade opening the event, followed by Mark Hancock, who talked about teaching pronunciation in a world where English is the Lingua Franca. After that, Claire Venables talked about teaching young learners and how it impacts the whole ELT industry.


But first, let’s take a selfie!

Attendees then chose among 10 concurrent workshops that dealt with a variety of topics, such as teaching, authentic materials and the maker movement.

The coffee break was superb! Who didn’t love those pães de queijo?

Higor Cavalcante made us think about our practices as he talked about the lessons he learned as a trainer and how fundamental feedback is. Vinicius Nobre reminded us that we teachers need to be aware of our practices if we want our learners to be critical thinkers.

The next round of sessions consisted of 10 talks that also contemplated a plethora of subjects, from entrepreneurship to inclusion and representation.

We had a delicious lunch with the menu created by nutritionist Kátia Grilanda!

Closing the plenaries, our former moderator and forever diva Natalia Guerreiro talked about tretas, a word that is difficult to define in English. Natalia reminded us of how important it is to carefully consider the words we use if we want to have a safe learning environment.

The following set of sessions was a mix of talks and workshops about areas such as bilingualism, feedback and being a coordinator. We then had 6 concurrent BrELT Chats, talks and show and tells.

Time for another coffee break! Anyone else guilty of gluttony? How could anyone resist those cakes? And the queijadinhas? Heavenly…

After another round of sessions, we had pecha kuchas with Cintia Rodrigues, Ilá Coimbra, Karina Nazzari and Rubinho Heredia and Andreia Zakime. What a treat!

Eduardo de Freitas closed the event and highlighted the importance of sharing and putting the new ideas from the conference into practice. As our former moderator Raquel Oliveira says, sharing is caring – and we couldn’t agree more.

Besides giving away tickets to minority groups such as disabled and black female teachers, we decided to innovate and broadcast the plenary sessions live. We understand not everyone is able to travel to São Paulo, but we wanted this very special day to echo not only around Brazil, but the world. We will also have a BrELT Chat in which we will exchange our impressions and what we learned at BOR. Exceptionally, this Chat will be bilingual: contributions in both English and Portuguese are welcome.

Echoes from BOTR:

Click here to see the opening and Mark Hancock’s plenary and Claire Venable’s plenary.
Click here to see Higor Cavalcante’s plenary and Vinicius Nobre’s plenary.
Click here to see Natalia Guerreiro’s plenary.
Dani Hersey’s blog post: finding my tribe
Interview with Mark Hancock and T. Veigga.

The official photos will be out soon.

Thank you all for coming!

Barbara, Bruno, Eduardo, T. and Priscila.

3 thoughts on “BrELT on The Road was great

  1. Considering the importance of reasonable pronunciation in being understood in English (though less than required for Portuguese) and the fact that this event appeared to be focused on the issue, I was interested to hear the pronunciation of the speakers from the “click here” links below. The content of each of the clicks elicited the following Facebook note
    “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
    The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

    • Hi Cary!
      For some reason it doesn’t show to people in certain regions, but we are working to upload them on Youtube as soon as possible, stay tuned 🙂

      • I’m in southern Minas – Poços de Caldas – if that’s any help.
        I also don’t get BrELT postings.

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