Webinar about women & the workplace

During the month of March, we had the International Women’s Day and as we approach the end of the month, we will have two webinars to (re)think being a woman in ELT.

Tomorrow, at 10am Brasília Time, Bruna Caltabiano and Cintia Rodrigues will talk about how gender roles may affect our professional life. They will be live here.

Bruna Caltabiano is the academic director at Caltabiano Idiomas. She has a degree in Psychology and holds Cambridge CPE and DELTA, having done her module 3 on the ELT Management Specialism. She is interested in CPD, leadership & management, and entrepreneurship. She is the coordinator of the BT LAMSIG.

Cintia Rodrigues is a Pedagogical Coordinator, a teacher trainer, and a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for Seven Idiomas. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics, a BA in Linguistics, CELTA, and CPE. She’s also a founding member of Voices SIG.

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