Reasons and ideas for using video-based activities!

Four reasons for using video in your classes:

1 – Younger Generations

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Tik Tok and YouTube and some of the most popular social networks that are video-based and they are used by young generations to communicate and express themselves! What’s more, videos aren’t just a mode of delivery for interactive communication, they are also used to access information on a regular basis. Our students are accustomed to using video, and we teachers can use that to our advantage.

2 – Visual Engagement

Videos can be an information-rich genre that can provide students with the ideas and concepts that they must learn to manipulate language effectively. Long are the days when we teachers used only reading texts as input. Videos can be great stimuli for language learners and you can also find suitable topics based on your class profile.

3 – Lingua Franca and Global Awareness

Videos can provide learners with a global perspective of the English language. In modern days it’s highly important to help our students understand that the English language has no owner but at the same time belongs to anyone who makes use of it. By exposing your students to real language spoken by different nationalities, you are releasing them from the pressure of imitating hegemonic variations of English (AmE or BrE), and they will feel more empowered to use the language.

4 – Exposure to different genres

You can work on a number of different speaking genres with video. Your students can learn the characteristics, identify the audience and analyze the purpose of genres like podcasts, roundtable discussions, inaugural speeches, news reports, interviews, quizzes, audio letters, digital influencers testimonials, you name it!

3 Suggestions of video-based activities:


Put target vocabulary on the board. Tell students to watch a video that contains these words.  Drill them. Pair sts and tell them to ask and answer questions that contain one of the target words. Monitor closely as you pay attention to the way students pronounce these words. Provide feedback and/or show them other videos with different ways to say these words. Have them compare and contrast. 


A tool we love to use is Lyrics Training. LT uses the Listen-Analyze-Play approach and can help learners improve their vocabulary (and grammar too). How does it work?As sts watch the music video or trailer you choose, the lyrics are presented in one of three different ways: 1. ‘karaoke’ style – so you can read or sing along; 2. with gaps for you to type in the missing words; and 3. with gaps for you to select from ‘multiple-choice’ options. You only see the lyrics line by line, as they are sung, and this is the ‘hook’ with the second and third options: you have to try to type or select the correct words before the next line starts. If you’re fast and don’t make many mistakes, your score will be higher.


Find a suitable video tutorial. Ask your students if they watch tutorials online and tell them to share with their elbow buddy the last video tutorial they watched. Collect feedback and have sts share to the class. After that, ask them to analyze the main characteristics of the video. Show them another video tutorial and ask them to compare and contrast both videos. Arrange students in large groups and tell them to write a script and record a video tutorial (in a quiet place). Finally, watch their tutorials and collect feedback on the use of the main characteristics discussed in the beginning of the lesson.

Enhance your teaching skills by learning more about using video in the ELT classroom:

Join “Using Video in the ELT Classroom” a mini-course by BrELT Academy and What is ELT ?.
It’s true to say that teachers work 24/7. We have all caught ourselves listening to a song, reading a magazine, spending hours on YouTube on our free time and suddenly thinking: “I’ve GOT TO use this in my lesson!”.The truth is: we don’t cease to think about our students and materials that will aid learning. This 3-hour mini-course is for those who love videos and want to maximise learning by using them effectively in the classroom. You will:

– Participate in a live 90-minute webinar and have access to supporting activities in our virtual learning environment (approx. 90 minutes of interaction)
– Learn about different video genres
– Watch a demonstration and brainstorm ideas on how to use videos in different stages of a lesson
– Understand the different aims and purposes behind using videos in the classroom
– Develop your lesson planning and activity design skills
– Take away a sample lesson plan
– Get creative using your favorite videos
– Exchange ideas with like-minded teachers

Course tutors: Andreia Zakime and Rubinho Heredia

Enroll now: Saturday 03rd August
Enroll now: Sunday 04rd August

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