Back to school? Gear up with strategies for a new semester.

Are you back to school this week (or in the upcoming ones)?

Regardless of how experienced you are, it’s always a great idea to gear up with strategies, tools, and resources for heading back to school. Get ready for a a brand new semester, chock-full of new opportunities!

Take a look at some ideas:

Build a community in your class

Your relationship with your students will shape your lessons and the way you prepare (for) them. With time, teachers learn that trust and rapport mean more than punishment. Your students expect you to tell them what to do and how to behave (even adult learners). Set off your rules and regulations from day one and remind them constantly. After that, start off the semester by sharing something about your life (nothing excessively personal) so that students see you as a the human being you are. Some suggestions:

  • Where did you grow up?
  • Were you a good student?
  • What kind of music do you listen to?
  • When was the last time you felt extremely happy?

Develop a project

CONDILIFFE, 2017 claims that helping students to reach a learning goal by exploring projects can be an effective way to promote students’ sense of curiosity and a lifelong learning mindset. Complex concepts can be more easily understood if students are motivated to improve their abilities to solve problems through the application of what they’ve learned collaboratively. Find a buddy and propose an interdisciplinary project. Check some ideas:

Get-to-know-you (even more!)

If you are starting a new semester but have the same classes, why not using a get-to-know-you-even-more activity? Elicit from your students basic questions they use to get to know someone. Write answers on the board. Tell them that they have to come up with deeper questions, such as “What makes you happy?”. Have them walk around the room and when you say stop, they have to use the questions and start a conversation.

Advice from the community

We asked and many teachers answered! Take a look at what teachers from different contexts have to say about this topic.

Learn something new!

Join this amazing mini course and enhance your knowledge about videos and increase your set of video-based activities. Our tutors will help you understand and select different video genres, raise your awareness about practical selection of videos for educational purposes, develop your design skills and provide you with opportunities for getting creative using videos for language learning!

There are two options for synchronous meetings:

Invest in your career

Join our annual and internationally recognized teaching event: BOR2019. At our events we invite teachers to problematize, engage in new perspectives, debate and learn about new educational trends so that we can make a difference in our classrooms. Get ready to attend top-notch talks, workshops, Pecha Kucha presentations, show&tell moments and Live BrELT Chats delivered by specialists in the field of ELT. We hope to see you in Brasília on 7 September at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Asa Norte.

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