BrELT Academy: a listening workshop with T. Veigga

Interested in improving your teaching of listening?
Read the sentences below and think whether you agree or disagree with them:

  1. Listening is more difficult than reading.
  2. If students don’t understand, play the recording as many times as
  3. Grade the task, not the recording.
  4. To understand a listening text, you need to understand every word.
  5. It’s a good idea to give students the transcripts before they listen.
  6. It’s a good idea to give students a task before they listen.
  7. Listening to the teacher talking is good listening practice.
  8. You can’t teach listening, you can only test it.

Would you like to increase your knowledge of the teaching of listening, studying the issues above and many others? Perhaps you feel you need to brush up your skills?

Join this 4-hour online workshop with Trinity CertTESOL tutor T. Veigga and expand your theoretical and practical repertoire when it comes to listening in class.

During 4 hours, we will:

– Look at different approaches and understand their contributions to ways we could work with listening in class;

– Revisit and expand the ideas of bottom-up and top-down processing;

– Study how pronunciation and listening are related;

– Explore different suggestions and resources to improve learners’ skills.

This online workshop will be held via Zoom. Participants are required to have broadband connection. Enroll now!

Investment: R$170
Click here to pay
You can pay by 12 instalments (taxes may apply after the 2nd instalment).

T. Veigga is a Trinity CertTESOL tutor in training, teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer based in Rio. He holds a BA in Languages (UFRJ), a Specialisation in Media-Education (PUC- Rio), the CPE, and Delta Modules 1 and 2, currently working on module 3. He has written articles on various subjects related to teaching, as well as presented at conferences in Brazil and abroad. An active member of the ELT community, T. is part of the BRAZ-TESOL advisory council and has been a pedagogical coordinator for BrELT since 2015.

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