Designing private courses: a BrELT Academy online course

Being a private teacher is not easy, especially now that we are going through rather unusual times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many teachers report that students have stopped attending lessons temporarily or even cancelling their contracts permanently. Is this your case? If so, we have something that can help you!

Now, more than ever before, excellence in teaching makes the difference. There is much more than teaching techniques to the factors that will define a successful private teacher.

Normally, we tend to carry out a needs analysis and go on with our course, but is this enough? Are there other factors that can increase students’ satisfaction and sense of accomplishment and progress? Can your planning time and effort be more effective? Well, with this in mind, BrELT Academy brings you Design Private Classes, an 8-hour online course.

In this 8-hour mini course, we will cover the following topics:

  • The context
  • Beliefs
  • Needs analysis
  • Groups x one-to-one
  • Motivation
  • Goals and objectives
  • Organising the course
  • Face-to-face x online courses
  • Materials
  • Evaluating materials
  • Assessment

These 8 hours will be divided into 2 meetings, one on April 19th and the other on April 26th. On these Sundays, participants will meet from 14:00 to 18:15 with 1 15-minute break in the middle.

During this course, we’ll present study cases and give you very practical tips to boost your performance.


Fee: R$ 250,00 (Divided into 2 instalments)
When: April 19th and 26th from 14h00 to 18h15
Where: Online — via Zoom

The course tutor

T. Veigga is Trinity CertTESOL tutor, teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer. He holds a BA in Languages (UFRJ), a Specialisation in Media-Education (PUC- Rio), the CPE, and Delta Modules 1 and 2, currently working on module 3. Taylor is part of the BRAZ-TESOL advisory council and has been a pedagogical coordinator for BrELT since 2015.

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