Hand in Hand by BrELT Academy – May 24th via Zoom

6 mini courses | 8 hours and 30 minutes of instruction | a fantastic lineup | you decide how much the event is worth | all proceeds will go to Escolas Por Todos

When we created BrELT Academy in 2019, we never imagined how many lives would be impacted by it. More than 200 teachers have decided to take our courses so far and right now, during the pandemic, we realized we wanted this contribution to be even bigger. With a fantastic lineup of tutors, this never before seen online event will give you the opportunity to take short online courses and at the same time help children in vulnerable situations in Brazil.

Who will you be donating to?

Due to the spread of COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs during this difficult time.

In order to provide help, love and support for families in vulnerable situations, Escola Por Todos teamed up with Instituto da Criança to donate food for families affected by social distancing.

Learn more:


We know money has been an issue for some teachers, and that’s why we decided to run the event on a pay-what-you-want approach. You decide how much you want to donate for this cause!

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