Vozes da Comunidade

O que os membros da BrELT pensam da comunidade? Leia os depoimentos e deixe o seu.

“There are dozens of ELT communities on Facebook, but I think what makes BrELT unique is the degree of discipline and focus its moderators bring to the whole thing. BrELT has been around for 4 years and it shows no signs of losing steam.”

Luiz Otávio Barros, SP, author.

“BrELT is a great way for reaching out to teachers all over Brazil. With my work at the British Council I often hear about free online materials, events or courses for teachers and this is an easy and quick way to share these teaching ideas and professional development opportunities. However, that’s not all; I also benefit from the frequent posts and discussions. For ELT professionals like myself who don’t meet up with teaching colleagues in the staff room on a regular basis, online professional learning networks like BrELT are important in order to ask for support , get inspiration and to keep up-to-date with ELT issues in Brazil and around the world.”
Paula Boyce, British Council (based in Rio), online ELT development editor

“I really like Brelt as I’ve met very nice people who are in the group and I really like the idea of sharing interesting tips, texts, and so on with experienced teachers as well as newbies. It’s so good to have a place like this, especially when people are really keen on teaching, learning, and sharing! I’ve taken part in one of the chats they have and it was just great. I learned a lot from it. I wish I could join teachers in all chats.”

Michele Schwertner, Porto Alegre, private teacher, teacher trainer, and e-moderator

“Within BrELT we can face our weaknesses without judgment, and people always help us to improve.” Marina Macedo, Rio de Janeiro, language school teacher “Like any other team, what makes BrELT special is the people who are part of it, always willing to help a fellow teacher with either advice or tools to improve their classes. That’s how I feel about BrELT, not like any other Facebook group, but a team. Every member has its unique skill but when we all combine our skills, wonderful discussions and ideas spring up. I honestly feel very honored to be part of this team and I hope to contribute as much as I can with my set of skills.”

Ramon Silveira, Rio de Janeiro, partner in a bilingual school

“BrELT has a significant value in my career. Through its activities and the constant interaction among its members, I keep up-to-date on a variety of topics regarding English Language Teaching and learning. It is, after all, a group of teachers dedicated to the development of all members and of teaching itself all around Brazil.”

Virgínia Borges de A. Cardoso, Jatai – GO, English teacher at private English schools, small groups and 1-2-1.

“After I started working more independently, I felt a bit lonely. I missed the conversations about teaching, the informal exchange of views. It’s amazing to connect and share with amazing educators on a weekly basis. Such a great learning experience!”

T. Veigga, Rio de Janeiro, language school

“Taking part, either actively or passively, in the BrELT community has made all the difference. On a personal level, it provides me with the opportunity to make new friends and renew old bonds of friendship. On a professional level, the chats make me step outside my comfort zone and see things from a different perspective. Besides, they challenge me to try new techniques and strategies in my lessons. Thus, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have learnt a lot all these years. Last but not least, I firmly believe the BrELT is a community of practice and as such it contributes to enhance the quality of English teaching in Brazil as it constantly encourages us to reflect on our teaching practice and to attend conferences and webinars.”

Ana Paula Cypriano, Rio de Janeiro, English teacher at State Schools and at a private college

“I joined BrELT in 2012. At that time my professional life was going through a lot of changes and I was very disappointed with the ELT world and mainly with the market in Recife, where I live. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about BrELT, but I joined it and became an active member, discussing ELT and educational topics with a fantastic group of teachers who I have learned a lot from. The best thing about BrELT is that it reaches teachers of English with different ages, level of experience, wants and needs. The readiness and goodwill on the part of moderators are amazing! In addition, BrELT is a place where we do share and care about each other and has the aim to inform and make as be better professionals. It has helped me to reflect on some of my practices, it has deepened my level of argumentation and , the best of all , it has contributed a lot to open my mind , to make me think outside the box and be aware of how many different realities, successes and failures we teachers face in our lives. It’s a huge pleasure and honour to be part of it.”

Roseli Serra, e-moderator from Recife


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