Chat de hoje sobre caminhos para um professor de inglês como língua estrangeira se tornar professor em escola bilíngue

Hoje, às 22:00 (UTC -3), teremos um BrELT Chat que promete ajudar muitos professores que estão pensando em “mudar de área”. Se você quer se tornar um professor em escolas bilíngues, não perca o chat de hoje! Clique aqui para confirmar sua presença no evento e receber as notificações. Clique aqui para acessar o link do chat.


Our first Pronunciation Week was a success!

Dear BrELTers,

Three months ago, during the meeting of the moderation in which were deciding on our projects for 2018, the idea of organising our first Pronunciation Week came up and we all agreed that it would be a very challenging event. Pronunciation is one of the most studied areas of ELT, yet teachers still have a hard time dealing with it in classrooms all around the world.

The result of our hard work started last Monday with a stellar lineup. Claire Venables, our YL Queen, opened the event by giving us fantastic ideas on how to work with pronunciation in the young learner classroom. On Tuesday, our dear Higor Cavalcante brought a different perspective: teaching pronunciation to improve listening skills. On Wednesday, it was the chance of the members of the community to share their ideas on a BrELT chat. On Thursday, the brilliant income coordinator of IATEFL’s PronSIG, Catarina Pontes gave us 5 (very convincing) reasons why we should include pronunciation in our lessons with a webinar full of videos and precious ideas. On Friday, the author of Sound Foundations, Adrian Underhill showed us that pronunciation is in everything -even grammar. On Saturday, Gemma Archer brought assessment to the table and touched on important issues when it comes to evaluating pronunciation in class. On our last day, our fanciest moderator, Thiago Veigga opened the day with a fantastic webinar about ELF (English as a lingua franca) awareness in pronunciation teaching. Finally, we finished our week with flourish when Mark Hancock, the author of Pronunciation Games, taught us to go beyond ‘listen and repeat’ when teaching pronunciation.

We would like to thank all of those who participated in the event in any way, be they speakers, viewers and even members who helped us promote the event. If you missed the webinars, click here.

Here we are: Sunday at 03:00 p.m., after 1 BrELT chat, 7 webinars, 2320 views on YouTube (so far) and a message echoing inside our heads: ‘mission accomplished’. Personal note: such sense of accomplishment makes me feel alive and it shows I’m making the difference for the ELT community in Brazil. Touché!

Promoting professional development for all, specially for those who don’t have easy access to it, is what pushes BrELT forward. This is our mission. This is our motto. This is our core value.

2018 has just started…


2018 Reading Challenge

Hey, BrELTers!

Como dizem por aí, o ano no Brasil só começa depois do Carnaval… Mas a gente sabe que não é bem assim, né? Estamos convidando todos os membros a participarem da nossa 2018 READING CHALLENGE.


Durante o mês inteiro, teremos um evento no Facebook para discutirmos as nossas leituras. Compartilharemos o link do evento todo mês pela nossa página e pelo blog. Você já curtiu a nossa página do Facebook? Se não, clique aqui.

Na primeira quinzena de cada mês, anunciaremos o tópico e na segunda quinzena abriremos o evento para discussão.

A challenge do mês é: AN ARTICLE ON LEARNER FACTORS. Clique aqui para acessar o evento.

“Second language (L2) learners are different. They learn with different speed and different results. There are many explanations for that issue. The general factors that influence second language learning are: age, aptitude and intelligence, cognitive style, attitudes, motivation and personality.” (Ellis 1985)

Join us!

PS: Thanks to our dear Natália Guerreiro who inspired us with the list of suggestions.