Language Development SIG


BrELT’s Language Development Support and Improvement Groups – BrELT LD SIG


The BrELT LD SIG provides a space for BrELT members to develop their communicative abilities in English. It creates opportunities for English teachers in Brazil to learn, interact, collaborate and share with one another.

How it works


Our medium is, but not limited to, WhatsApp. We also use other apps to keep track of the material covered.



To apply to participate in BrELT LGG SIG, you must:

  • be a BrELT member;
  • work in English Language Teaching or be training to do so;
  • wish to improve your English language proficiency;
  • have WhatsApp on your phone;
  • have access to a computer with internet connection;
  • dedicate at least 2h a week to the group (e.g. recording and listening to messages, volunteering, asking and answering questions);
  • be willing to abide by these guidelines.

How to apply:

If you are interested in taking part of this project, the first step is to fill in this form. Then the head of the SIG, Eduardo Zito, will allocate you to one of the WhatsApp groups.

Once admitted to the group, you can start interacting with the other participants.


How to interact:

There are two types of interactions:

  • Interactions related to the 2-week topic: Every two weeks we choose a topic to talk about. To participate, you can send the group a short oral recoding (no longer than 5 minutes), a written message, a link to a site related to the topic, etc.
  • Interactions unrelated to the 2-week topic: If you have any question about the English language (grammar, vocabulary, usage, etc.), just ask it to the group and enjoy the opportunity of learning collaboratively. If you see a question from somebody else, don’t hesitate to share what you know.


How to keep track of what you are learning:

  • Each group moderator will propose a different platform to keep track of what the group is learning together (e.g. Google Docs, EduClipper, etc).
  • Every two weeks the moderator will ask for a volunteer to transfer knowledge from the WhatsApp group to the platform of choice. In other words, a different participant will be responsible for writing down the new words, expressions, grammar items and links that the group has shared and post it on the common tool everybody is using.
  • Do check the platform so as to revise what you have seen on WhatsApp.
  • If you feel the volunteer has forgotten a few things, feel free to add them to the platform.
  • Do volunteer every now and then. If nobody volunteers, the moderator will nominate a participant. If that fails, the group will be terminated for perceived lack of interest.


  • Any group member can send messages at any time to the group, so make sure you turn off notifications so as not to be disturbed when you are not available.
  • You can interact with all members of the group: responding to their posts, correcting if you believe there is any mistake, asking questions, giving your opinion, etc. To make sure the project is conducive to learning, we should have a positive behavior: always respect people’s opinions, make corrections in a polite way, encourage others to express their views, don’t use offensive or discriminatory language.
  • Each group has a moderator, who will introduce him or herself to you when you join. If you think any of the participants is being disrespectful, please talk to the moderator in private.



Should you have any questions, please send a private message to the moderation team.