BrELT Webinar with Higor Cavalcante: starting now


Our webinar with Higor Cavalcante is about to start on Google Hangouts. Click here to participate. If you can’t make it into the room, don’t lose heart. The talk will be livestreamed on YouTube, and if you have a YouTube/Google account, you can even pose questions to the speaker and other BrELTers.

It’s teacher development and it’s free! Go, go, go! 😀

August webinar with Higor Cavalcante about teachers’ English language proficiency

On August 13, Higor Cavalcante will share his IATEFL talk with BrELT and invite us to reflect on our English, the language which is also an essential tool in our teaching toolkit. Join us on Google Hangout or YouTube to exchange ideas with Higor and other members of our community.



Higor Cavalcante has been in ELT for going on 17 years and is presently a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and author. His main interests in ELT include extensive reading, language development for teachers and teacher development in general. He’s president of the BRAZ-TESOL Teacher Development SIG and second vice-president of the BRAZ-TESOL association. His email address and blog are higor @ and