BrELT on TEFL Equity

badge-new-i-support.pngIt’s no secret that BrELT supports TEFL Equity, an initiave that aims to reduce inequality in English language teaching, particularly in terms of hiring practices that discriminate against non-native speakers. It could be no different, seeing that we are a community of ELT professionals in Brazil or from Brazil, meaning most of us are non-native speakers of the language.

Now we are proud to say our name is on the TEFL Equity blog following our contribution to the #AccentPride campaign. You can read the post here:

And if you like what you see, please join us! Drop us a line there showing your suppport. Record a video of your own reaffirming your pride or telling us your language learning story. Show that we are not alone in having great English that was and is #madeinBrazil.

#AccentPride Brazilian is Beautiful


It beggars belief, but many people still think that a good English teacher needs to be a native speaker of the language. Some of those have even been abusing Brazilian English teachers online! As a community of almost 12000 ELT professionals, most of whom are from Brazil, we couldn’t let that pass, so we recorded a quick video with our opinion:

We are proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished. We are Brazilian ELT professionals and we keep on studying, improving, and doing a wonderful job every day. So deal with it.