Terms of Use

BrELT’s Terms of Use and Policies

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The BrELT community is aimed at English teaching professionals in Brazil. Our objective is to discuss theories and practices, as well as to share tips and opportunities, thus helping to build a strong and closer-knit TESOL community in Brazil.

In order to achieve these objectives, besides posts shared by our members, we organize the BrELTChat, This is a fortnightly conversation in Portuguese in which we discuss topics that are of interest to our profession, education, and the English language. We keep a history of these chats in our community blog, https://breltchat.wordpress.com/o-que-ja-aconteceu-na-brelt/ . Other similar initiatives – such as interviews, webinars, and webshops – happen occasionally and are publicized in the community and on the blog: breltchat.wordpress.com.


The main language in our community is Brazilian Portuguese, but members can post and comment in English if they wish to. The aforementioned chat, however, is always carried out in Portuguese, unless otherwise advertised. Webinars, webshops, and interviews can be carried out in either Portuguese or English – information will be available when each event is announced.

Accepting Members

Because of the objectives of the community, new members will only be accepted if they are teachers or related professionals who work in Brazil or who are Brazilian. Foreigners who are interested in exchanging experiences with Brazilian teachers are also welcome.

The moderators may accept or deny any requests to join the community.


The topics of our chats are always related to the career, the English language, or education. BrELTChats take place every other week on Thursdays at 10 pm (Brasília time) in the pinned post in the community.

There is generally a call for topics in a pinned post at the top of the community. After that, we conduct a poll to decide on the topic. Any member can suggest topics and take part in the poll. The topic with the largest number of votes will be announced in a pinned post, ideally no later than the Tuesday before the chat takes place.

If there are reasons to do so, the moderators may choose a topic for the chat without taking a poll.

During vacations or holidays, BrELTChat may be suspended.

Accepting posts

The following posts will not be accepted:

  • posts not related to teaching or learning English, education as a whole, or the teaching profession;
  • posts that violate copyrights;
  • posts that damage the reputation of members, schools, publishers, or other institutions related to teaching (fair and constructive criticism is accepted, however);
  • posts that do not have teachers as their target audience;
  • advertisements of products (e.g. books, courses, online platforms or other teaching resources) done more than once a month (they will be considered spam) per company;
  • job advertisements for native-speaker teachers or with other discriminatory criteria;
  • advertisements of courses that use native-speaker teachers or other discriminatory criteria as an advantage;
  • any other messages that are discriminatory in nature (race, religious beliefs, color, gender, etc);
  • other posts in which the target audience is unclear (e.g. English vocabulary) or those of institutional blogs (even those that have teachers as their target audience) that appear more than once a week. In other words, these posts will be considered spam.

Exceptions and other cases will be considered on a case by case basis by the moderators.


Despite the fact that Facebook is an informal setting, BrELT is also a professional environment, and members are expected to behave accordingly. Legitimate and justifiable criticism of opinions and concepts is welcome. On the other hand, scathing criticism of members or institutions is not allowed. Comments or posts that do not abide by these rules will be deleted. Their authors may receive a warning or be banned from the community, depending on the seriousness of the case or its reiteration.


Banning policy

Members who do not abide by any of the above criteria may be banned from the group without warning. Nevertheless, the moderators generally make the members aware through private messages before banning is deemed necessary.